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About Plymouth Furniture

Furnishing homes for generations

Our family has been helping to furnish beautiful living spaces for more than forty years. We understand the care and consideration that goes into purchasing a new piece of furniture. Our five-floor Plymouth, MA, showroom is practically bursting at the seams with sofas, recliners, dining, and bedroom sets from some of America’s most highly regarded furniture makers.

We are proud to feature the highest quality American-made pieces of furniture that have been built to be passed down for generations to come.

And while our website has been designed to give you an idea of the furniture we carry, everything we sell can be customized to match your exact tastes. That's why you'll need to visit our showroom to work with our furniture experts to purchase your truly custom piece.

Our History

When we started over 40 years ago, there was a small but well-known group of furniture makers, the elite few who had a famous commitment to design, quality, and materials. If you are of a certain age, you could probably name them off the top of your head; Ethan Allen, Thomasville, Yield House, and just a few others.

These big names were the furniture brands that appealed to discerning furniture buyers, and with good reason.

  • They produced elegant furniture designs
  • Used the highest quality woods
  • Manufactured their furniture right here in the states
  • Stood behind their products for the long run.

Their prices were higher than the promotional furniture companies that tried to compete with them, but their quality put them in a league of their own. So when you purchased furniture from these brands, you knew you were getting what you paid for, which was always a good value.

With the globalization of the economy came an increasing pressure on manufacturers (in all industries) to maximize profit while reducing costs.

The result was that many companies decided to outsource their manufacturing. Likewise, they sought out new sources of materials that could be had for a fraction of the cost of their high-quality counterparts. In many instances, the emphasis was no longer on designing high-quality products that would endure, but rather on engineering systems that would “withstand limited use” with an acceptable degree of failure.

That would not be the case with Plymouth Furniture.

American Made. American Quality. American Values.

At Plymouth Furniture, the furniture we sell is made in America, from North American wood, much of it from right here in New England. We represent only skilled makers with the finest quality products who will stand behind them 100%. We know they are excellent and trustworthy because we know them personally. In many cases, we deal with the children and grandchildren of the men and women we originally represented. Friendship and loyalty are two American values we still hold dear.

No Particle Board or Veneers, The Hardest Steel, and the Softest Foam

Quality has to go beyond just what you see! Some furniture (sold elsewhere) looks good on the surface, but underneath is a different story. Even the nicest-looking furniture from so-called upscale labels could be hiding a secret. Peel back the covering, and you may find engineered particle board, glued veneers, and other less desirable structural elements that will severely diminish the life and enjoyment of your furniture.

That’s not what you’ll find here. At Plymouth Furniture, we sell only solid hardwood furniture – all of it made in America, and much of it grown right here in New England.

What about the steel and parts inside that you can't see?

Many manufacturers crank out furniture that looks lovely and feels sturdy at first, but from the moment you get it home, it’s on its way to the junk heap. This is because of inferior steel (or other metals.) Unfortunately, most buyers don’t think to ask about the steel because of a false sense of confidence from famous brand names.

We sell furniture as solid on the inside as it is beautiful outside, which means only the highest quality steel and components. Most of our furniture uses aviation-grade steel, the hardest you can get. If it stands up to the rigors of airplane flight at 700 miles per hour, we’re confident it will last in your living room.

Have you experienced that diminishing comfort level in your couch and chair seats? Something called pancaking is probably to blame. Pancaking is what happens when the foam in your furniture fails and collapses. This is a fairly common occurrence in even the so-called premium names in furniture, but not with Plymouth Furniture. Why? Because our furniture is made from the highest quality, highest-density foam available. The furniture we sell goes well beyond industry standards for density. The result is protection from failure, greater comfort when it's brand new, and lifelong enjoyment.

Personal Service Sets Us Apart

As a family business, we can’t help but offer personal service. That’s what we’re all about. Not just personal; personalized. When you walk into our Plymouth showroom, you’re walking into two generations dedicated to providing warm customer service and the highest-quality furniture offerings on the South Shore.

We realize that buying furniture should be a relaxed, enjoyable experience. That’s why we like to take a moment to welcome you to our showroom, then let you lead the way. You’ll feel that you’re strolling through someone’s collection of carefully-curated pieces rather than a cold corporate furniture warehouse.

We want you to take your time and ask questions. We’re happy to share our knowledge of every piece in the showroom when you're ready!

Expertise to Guide You

Many people don’t realize how many options are available on any piece of furniture we carry. Take a “simple” couch, for example. When you consider the combination of arm shapes, heights, back style, foot heights, and cushion thickness, you’re talking about hundreds of potential combinations. When you introduce fabrics to the equation, it becomes thousands. We sit with every customer to help you make the right choices for your needs. That’s all just part of our personal and personalized service.

Design Ideas and More

Not sure what you’re looking for or need inspiration? Maybe you'd like someone to run your design ideas by? We’re here for you. There are more than a few design experts working at Plymouth Furniture (and dozens more who shop for their clients here). Bring your ideas or questions, and we’ll be more than happy to consult with you with no obligation.

Furniture Selection & Value

The perfect piece of furniture for every room. At Plymouth Furniture, you’ll find living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture collections, home office furniture collections, chairs, stools, ottomans, occasional pieces, benches, tables, settees, chaises, recliners, rockers, and more.

And in terms of style, you’ll find it all. Traditional furniture, contemporary furniture, country style furniture, coastal style furniture, formal furniture, casual furniture, antique style, early American, transitional, etc.

The best furniture makers in the country and a fair price. We went into business to create a marketplace for high-quality, American-made furniture offered at a fair price. Therefore, we only partner with furniture makers who share those values. Some of those companies include Mavin, Zimmerman Chair, and King Hickory.

You may recognize some of these names, but you’ve never seen a commercial featuring their brand or a glossy spread in a design magazine. Most of our partners, even well-known brands, don’t spend millions on advertising blitzes. Instead, they focus on building quality furniture and trust that educated, discerning consumers will recognize quality, try it for themselves, and recommend it to friends.

Hundreds of pieces in stock and thousands more upon request. At our 5-story Plymouth showroom, you'll be able to experience hundreds of pieces of the finest made American furniture. But that’s just the tip of an enormous iceberg. We can order virtually any piece of furniture you can imagine and have it shipped for your inspection. All you need to do is ask.